The automotive industry is investing heavily on manufacturing cleaner vehicles, which entails lighter cars, but without compromising on safety. Vehicle manufacturers are responding to the challenge by following a multimaterial strategy.

The conference aims to depict this strategy by focusing on state-of-the-art multimaterial concepts, car body lightweight design, new steels, aluminium alloys and composites in automotive structures and joining technologies.

To provide a hands-on experience of the discussed topics, full BIW and chassis components of the JAGUAR F-Pace and AUDI Q5 will be on display at the event premises, as a reflection of the material approach applied in the D-SUV segment, one of the most sought-after segments on the market today.

Date: 02.10.2018
Place: AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center
09:00 Registration
09:20 Welcome 
09:30 Strategy & Market
          EUCAR - Luis de Prada - Research Programme Manager
Key research challenges for the automotive industry
          SCOPE - Elixabet Legarreta - Analyst  
Automotive lightweighting: discovering where the focus is  
          A2MAC1 Automotive Benchmarking - Antoine Chatelain - Benchmarking Studies Manager
Weight versus cost multimaterial design: 2 strategies based on large SUV - Audi Q5 versus Jaguar F-Pace  
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Lightweight Metal 
          ARCERLOR MITTAL EUROPE - Georges Lovato - Automotive Advanced Engineering
New lightweight products and solutions for automotive
          EDERTEK  - Patxi Rodríguez - Materials&New Technologies Director
A historical review of our process, material and product evolution for light weighting steering knuckles  
          MONDRAGON UNIBERTSITATEA - Lander Galdos - Head of Advanced Material Forming Processes
The role of friction and surface texturing on stamping processes. Experimental test and numerical simulation 
13:00 Lunch & Exhibition Jaguar F-Pace and Audi Q5 full BIW and Chassis Components
14:30 Composites
          FAGOR ARRASATE - Andoitz Aranburu - Automotive Division Innovation Director
Fagor production installations for lightweight technologies 
          KRAUSMAFFEI - Phillip Zimmermann - Head Business Unit Composite and Surface 
          ASTAR - Iñaki Martínez - Sales Director
Carbon SMC (CSMC) in automotive: Application at AMG-Mercedes and new developments  
16:00 Joining Technologies
         GESTAMP - Ricardo Molina - R&D BiW Material Joining Manager
Innovative joining technologies for lightweight vehicles 
         TECNALIA - Fernando Liébana - Manufacturing Group Leader Automotive Area/   Sonia Flórez - Responsible for Multifunctional Materials Platform
Laser joining of hybrid assemblies (Metal and TP-FRPC). Hybrid joining cell for multimaterial components manufacturing & Added functionalities to adhesive joints.                            
         ATLAS COPCO - Paul Briskham - Fastener Technology Group Manager
Riveting Technology for Mixed-Material Car Body Structures
        DoW AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS - Orhan Imam - Application Development Manager EMEA 
Advanced adhesive assembly solutions, enabling multi-material structures in automotive industry 
      Q&A and closing remarks 
*Limited seating capacity 
Registration fee: 350€ (coffee and lunch included)
Deadline for registration: 28th September 2018
Method of payment: bank transfer to Fundación AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center Fundazioa 
BBVA:                ES48 0182 1290 3102 0150 6187
KUTXABANK:   ES24 2095 0611 0091 0787 3466
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