The Basque Country will have a pioneering dual training programme in metrology

AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center, Armeria Eskola, Metrología Sariki and 11 companies from different sectors launch an exclusive training programme specialising in Metrology

Eibar, 5.3.2018– A total of 11 companies in 8 different locations, from various regions ranging from Igorre, in the Arratia Valley in Bizkaia, to Zestoa, in the Urola Costa region, will take part in the first edition of the Metrological Quality Control Specialisation Programme.


This is an innovative, exclusive initiative, in which 13 students from Armeria Eskola and IES Barrutialde in Barrutia will have the opportunity to specialise in Metrology courtesy of Armeria Eskola, Sariki and AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center, while completing their training in the company.


For this first edition, 11 companies have committed to the initiative: Batz, Fuchosa, Mim Tech Alfa, Ayra Cardan Spicer, Mecanizados Wind Energy Components (WEC Group), Jegan, Egile Corporation XXI, Talleres Mecánicos Imag, Engranages Grindel, Metrología Sariki and Punteados de Precisón Goialde.


This is a third year course, 2000 hours long, that comes at the end of the ordinary cycles of advanced level training courses in mechanical manufacturing and lasts 15 months, at the end of which students will receive an official double degree issued by the Department of Education of the Basque Government.


The students taking part in this first edition come from Armeria Eskola and IES Barrutialde, although the possibility of taking part was offered to all of the centres in the Autonomous Community that teach mechanical manufacturing vocational courses.


Students were selected from those who registered following a rigorous selection process, in which the company that took them on played a leading role, given that 13 jobs are expected to be created at the end of the process.


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