AIC launches the first Advanced Manufacturing Competence Center

In alliance with SISTEPLANT Engineering

Bilbao, 8.11.2017--- AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center plays a strategic role in the automotive sector 4.0 manufacturing transformation.


To this effect, in alliance with Sisteplant Engineering, they have launched an advanced manufacturing competence centre called ASF (Automotive Smart Factory), designed to render the European automotive industry an integral service accompanying the implementation of advanced manufacturing of the future. 


In this sense, ASF will accompany each company throughout the entire transformation process, adapting to the specific needs of each, from customised development strategies, assessment of the impact of implementing these strategies, to implementation in the factory itself. So, it covers all the research projects, engineering services and staff training at different levels.


To this aim, ASF combines physical and virtual skills in the same space, which is ideal for analysing the different technologies associated with advanced manufacturing or industry 4.0.


The physical section of ASF has cutting-edge technology equipment such as presses, welding cells, advanced robotics, and different online checking systems. The virtual section (Manufacturing Intelligence) includes a manufacturing intelligence system which monitorizes and manages processes in real time to ensure zero defects via process dominion, and achieve unit traceability with process related information among others.


The research lines included in ASF are Big Data, active monitorization of equipment status, intelligent management of processes, advanced machine-to-machine communication systems, process simulation and control systems, digital management of quality, man-machine interaction; and new training methods.


AIC is a foundation driven by Bizkaia Provincial Councils together with the Town Councils of Amorebieta-Etxano and Ermua, a group of leading companies in the automotive sector, and ACICAE-Basque Automotive Cluster. Its structure includes industrial innovation, training, technology and development enabling improvement in the automotive sector competitiveness. 30 organisations and over 700 people work on its premises.


Sisteplant is a technological multinational, in the industrial engineering sector, established over 30 years ago with approximately 200 employees and offices in Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona, Seville, Querétaro, and Sao Paulo. Sisteplant is specialised in Advanced Manufacturing strategy and implementation, operational excellence and Manufacturing Intelligence for Industry 4.0

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