AIC launches Week Break Design

This is a new initiative within its Campus

Bilbao, 2.1.2018 - To respond to concerns related to the automotive industry, AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center has launched the first edition of the Week Break Design (WBD), a weekend initiative within the AIC Campus that aims to bring Concept Design activities closer to people with an interest in this area. The aim is to show how vehicle manufacturers approach the design of a car from the outset in a practical way.

To this end, attendees will go on a journey from the general to specific considerations, from the complete vehicle to the components and even to the materials, understanding the importance of brand image and the existing potential capabilities. They will also get to understand the Design and Conceptualisation process as a complement to the Engineering and Development processes. And, using the Learning by Doing methodology, they will do their own designs/rough drafts.

This Week Break Design is intended for people of all ages with an interest in painting, design, fashion or engineering, among other disciplines. The WBD will take place on Saturday, February 3, between 10.00 am and 2.00 pm at the AIC Academy in Boroa. To register, go to

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