Competitive Intelligence Unit
Corporate strategy makers today consider information a driver capable of revealing potential opportunities and risks, thus permitting the generation of competitive advantages for businesses. Obtaining, analyzing, and systematically disseminating information of strategic value is called competitive intelligence and generates value when integrated in a company’s business cycle, by facilitating the performance of functions, the introduction of corrective measures and strategic decision-making.

In rapidly changing environments like the automotive industry, only regular treatment by specialists from the industry is capable of generating tangible value. Under this approach, the Intelligence Unit of the AIC offers competitive intelligence services to all businesses and players associated with the automotive industry. Oriented towards client needs and requirements, the services the Unit offers take the format best suited to fulfilling the particular requirements of the client. Staff members are experts with long experience in the industry and receive additional backing and support from international partners whenever the issues involved in the report so require.

Furthermore, our specialists’ know-how means that the Intelligence Unit is a genuine generator of criteria within the industry, thanks to the regular publication of reports giving solid, grounded opinions on key issues in the sector.

Electric vehicle integral report

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